Our Graduates

Even though Sigma Tau Delta membership is lifetime, our members have a limited time on Western Michigan University’s campus to share their amazing abilities, unique writing techniques, and unparalleled personalities. Their support and their time given to our organization is something we truly can not be more thankful for; we could not accomplish anything without our wonderful members backing us up! Here is a small space to share these amazing people and their accomplishments with the rest of the world. Join us in wishing these spectacular graduates bright futures where their love for studies in English may be used to all the passion they desire.


Ambrosia Neldon

Ambrosia Neldon; Spring 2013

“I was inducted into Sigma Tau Delta my sophomore year, so I was involved in the organization for three years. I am technically a practical writing major (at least that what my degree is in) but I completed the requirements for the Rhetoric and Writing Studies degree as well. I am so unbelievably passionate about technical writing and the necessity of good grammar.

While at WMU, I spent a lot of time in journalism jobs (my other major). I interned at the Kalamazoo Gazette for one semester, wrote for the Western Herald for two, and served as News Editor for a year. I am heavily involved with the Save Student Media campaign and worked for almost a year to come up with a new business model. I used the techniques I learned in the RWS program to create a 20-page business plan for the umbrella organization that will be the Student Media Group next year.

I received the Milliman Scholar Award for Excellence in Journalism from the Michigan Press Association and the Excellence in Rhetoric and Writing Studies Award from the English Department at WMU during my last semester there. I plan to pursue a career in journalism for the time being, and hopefully receive a MA in English or Journalism so I can eventually teach writing at the college level.”


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