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Academic Year 2013-14 Elections

It’s that time of the year again: eBoard election season! We would like to invite all chapter members to submit nominations for leadership positions for the academic year 2013-14.

You can apply yourself and/or nominate other members by filling out the form at the bottom of this post. All positions, except Public Relations officer, are open so scroll down for job descriptions!

All applications and nominations are due no later than midnight on Saturday, April 13!

Voting will take place during finals week. Details to follow.

Positions and Descriptions:

President | Vice President |  Communication Officers (2 positions) |  Treasurer |

Historian | WSA Representative | Events Coordinator (2 positions)

Chapter President — Drive the train!

  • Oversees the general operations of the Alpha Nu Pi chapter of ΣTΔ.
  • Meets and corresponds regularly with faculty advisor.
  • Provides support to vice president for new-member enrollment.
  • Calls in session and organizes meetings of the General Assembly.
  • Calls in session and organizes meetings of the Executive Board.
  • Officiates at the induction ceremony each semester.
  • Maintains the President’s Notebook .
  • Works with treasurer and faculty advisor to get budget approval for expenditures and on other financial matters.
  • Assesses the interests and needs of the chapter in planning the agenda for the year.
  • Delegates duties as appropriate to officers and chapter members.
  • Plans officer orientation and runs board transition in spring semester or when new officers are elected.
  • Oversees submission of applications for chapter participation in campus events (such as Bronco Bash).

Chapter Vice President — Keep us growing!

  • Has primary responsibility for processing and enrollment of all new members.
  • Meets and corresponds regularly with faculty advisor.
  • Assists the president with administrative tasks as appropriate.
  • Assumes responsibilities of the president in his/her absence.
  • Acts as a liaison with other organizations and with the English faculty.
  • Helps to plan and participates in the induction ceremony.
  • Maintains the Vice President’s Notebook.

Communication Officers (2 positions) — Be at the center of the action as the virtual face of Sigma Tau Delta at WMU!

  • Provide timely responses to members, prospective members, faculty, staff, and others who contact the chapter.
  • Function as the first line of communication between the membership and chapter administration.
  • Record minutes of all meetings of the general assembly and of the executive board and distribute them to members via email within one week.
  • Maintain contact information for active and alumni members and maintain chapter email list.
  • Working in coordination with the vice president, make sure all new members are added to the email list and keep the membership list up to date.
  • Assist the faculty advisor in completing all chapter reports .
  • Handle all chapter correspondence (e.g invitations, notes of thanks, and other correspondence as needed).
  • Send invitations, notifications, reminders and follow-ups about upcoming events, deadlines, and other important information to members, faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community as appropriate.
  • Help to plan and participate in the induction ceremony.
  • Work closely with public relations officers to keep chapter social media (Facebook page, WordPress page, Twitter account, etc.) up to date and to add new material and information regularly.
  • Work closely with president and vice president to create induction programs.

Chapter Treasurer — Help keep us solvent!

  • Records all incoming funds and all expenditures.
  • Maintains bank statements and the treasurer’s notebook .
  • Keeps checkbook balanced at all times and reports on finances at each meeting.
  • Meets regularly with faculty advisor and obtains prior authorization for all chapter expenditures.
  • Collects and archives receipts for expenditures and writes checks to cover approved chapter expenses.
  • Is responsible for educating him/herself on an adhering strictly to all financial regulations of the Department of English, the Alpha Nu Pi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, national Sigma Tau Delta, and Western Michigan University.
  • Works with faculty advisor to collect and deposit chapter dues or special fees.
  • Attends annual RSO finance workshop on behalf of chapter.

Chapter Historian — Take pictures, shoot videos, and tell our story!

  • Attends meetings and events to take photographs and collect other memorabilia.
  • Maintains an archive of our chapter’s artifacts, materials, and records, digital as well as hard copy materials.
  • Displays these materials online and at Sigma Tau Delta functions as appropriate.
  • Works with communication officers and PR officers to update chapter archives monthly and after key events.
  • Helps to plan and participates in induction ceremony.

WSA Representative — Help Sigma Tau Delta rule the school!

  • Serves as a liaison between chapter and the WSA.
  • Represents ΣTΔ at WSA meetings and votes in accordance with the best interests of the chapter.
  • Keeps the officers and members up to date on important issues and campus events of interest to the chapter.
  • Keeps track of important things like RSO award deadlines and oversees chapter applications.

Event Coordinator  — Where the action is!

  • Takes the lead on planning chapter functions, social events, and volunteer events for members.
  • Works with the executive board to plan fundraisers, English Studies Conferences, and inductions.
  • Participates in the induction ceremony.
  • Coordinates with other organizations on social events as appropriate.
  • Keeps our members involved and makes sure Sigma Tau Delta isn’t all work and no play!

To apply yourself, to nominate other members, or to do both, please complete the form below.

  1. Name (required):
  2. Email (required):
  3. Are you applying yourself, nominating someone else, or both? (required):
  4. If you are applying yourself, what position are you applying for?:
  5. If you are nominating someone else, what is his/her name and what position are you nominating him/her for?
  6. If you are applying for yourself, give a brief statement as to why you should be considered for the position in which you are applying.
  7. Feel free to add any other members’ names and positions if you desire.

All applications and nominations may be sent to


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