Annual English Studies Conference Schedule Finalized

We are elated to announce that our eboard has finalized the ESC schedule! The Conference will run from 10:15-4 on Saturday, March 16th. We would love to see as many people as possible in attendance for any part, or all of, the event! We will be posting the bios of presenters in the coming days. For now, here is the schedule!


English Studies Conference 2013




Snacks and Mingling

(2 Speakers May be present, depending on their schedules)

Brown 3025





Brown 3025

Catherine Bailey: Opening Remarks




Panel 1: “Power and Progress”

Literary Analysis

Brown 3025


Kendall Rock: The Evolution of Literature: An Analysis of Three Notable Texts from Three Major Literary Movements  

Kalani Bates: Foucault’s Silence Personified: Spivak’s Subaltern as Silent Presence

Ian Benjamin Hollenbaugh: Swyved to Deth: Obedience in Marriage According to the “Wife of Bath’s Tale”  

Jenaba D. Waggy: Marry in Haste (Repent at Leisure)

Chair: Catherine Bailey




Panel 2: “Sports and Literature: Checking the Box Score”

Creative Writing

Brown Hall 3025


Readings and discussion by:

Glenn Shaheen         

Franklin Cline

Dan Mancilla

Chair: Catherine Bailey








Panel 3: “Poetry Readings”

Creative Writing

Brown 3017


Kenneth Ronald Jakubas: Sink Or, The man in the camping chair, Running Cows, Darkness: In Faith, In These Skulls, Dream

Ian Benjamin Hollenbaugh: A Valediction, Muros Demolire-Tear Down Walls, A Tragic Tail

Andrea Walker: Selected poems

Andrea England: Selected poems from NO SECRETS

Chair: Kalani Bates


Panel 4: “The Night Before”

Dramatic Reading

Brown 3002


Molly Pfaff: The Night Before

Chair: Kaitlyn Mitchell


Panel 5: Gender, Society, and Literature

Linguistics and Literary Analysis

Brown 3002 (To immediately follow “The Night Before”)


Kait Mitchell: Exploring Dualism through Lady Bracknell and Sherlock Holmes

Alyssa Nayyar: “Taking Your Va-Jay-Jay on Vacation”: Naming Sex Organs in Popular Magazines

Tim Schilling: Patriarchal Anxieties and the Contemporary Amazon Symbol in the New Wonder Woman

Chair: Catherine Bailey




Panel 6: “Prose Readings”

Creative Writing

Brown 3025


Tyler James Smith: Dark Roads

Kenneth Ronald Jakubas: How to Make a Book & Other Preservations

Andrea Walker: Missionary Position

Shannon Hascall-Reyes: A Precious Memory

Chair: Kalani Bates




Closing Remarks

Brown 3025


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