Call for Submissions to the Annual ESC!

Sigma Tau Delta, the honors English Society at WMU, is seeking submissions to an upcoming conference! Please consider submitting some of your work! Note that you do not have to be a member of Sigma Tau Delta to apply.

Conferences are a great way to gain professional experience and to enjoy the company of like-minded peers. If you’re considering graduate school at all, conferences are also an excellent way to demonstrate your leadership skills and commitment to the field.

Our annual English Studies Conference has arrived! We are seeking all kinds of submissions–any type of writing you’ve done that pertains to English is fair game. Studies in rhetoric, linguistics, literary analysis, creative writing, cultural studies–we want it all! Again, this doesn’t need to be work completed in school. Personal projects are equally welcome. If interested, please submit your work to wmusigmataudelta@gmail.com by March 9. The conference will take place on March 16, time TBA. This annual event is regularly attended by many faculty members and students. It would make a great addition to any CV, and it’s also a lot of fun! Please note that there is a small fee of $10 for those invited to present. Friends and guests will not be charged.

Feel free to write to wmusigmataudelta@gmail.com or catherine.e.bailey@wmich.edu with any questions about these events.

We sincerely look forward to reading your work!


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